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you’re right I haven’t seen them live so maybe I’m spouting off too soon. I guess as far as "post-punk’ or "emo" or whatever the hell you want to call it, these guys just don’t do it for me. I’ve heard their albums and tried to like it. His voice bugs me (and I like strange voices) and I guess I never really focused in on the lyrics because the music bores me to death. Hopefully their live shows do something totally different. They’re probably good guys n all, just not for me. I guess i go through a habit of weeding out the hoards of new "indie" bands because there is just a slough of them that all seem so moderate. Not to push anymore buttons, but I also think Smashing Pumkins are far too overated. I’ve seen them live too. Granted, Corgan is a great guitarist, but again, does nothing for me. I guess i kinda liked that 1979 song though. Just thought I’d start a bit of a debate here. What bands do you think are overated?