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I`ve mentioned some jazz albums from the 50`s and 60`s that I dig,now i`m going to mention some from the 70`s,80`s,90`s;I`m not into this era as much as the older stuff but here`s some picks:

Miles Davis-A tribute To Jack Johnson
A rockin jazz album,2 long songs,the first one will blow you away.

John Abercrombie-Timeless
debut album from 74,organ trio that`s great.

Jack DeJohnette-Special Edition
1979 session with hip sax men David Murray and Arthur Blythe,one of the best jazz albums of the 70`s.

Sonny Sharrock-Ask The Ages
If you see it,buy it!
1991 album with Coltrane Alumni,Sharrock was the missing link between Coltrane and Sonic Youth.

Bill Frisell-Have A little Faith
Frisell covers Bob Dylan,Madonna,Sonny Rollins,Muddy Waters,Charles Ives,Aaron Copland,John Hiatt,John Philip Sousa,Stephen Foster,etc. amazing ecleticism.

Paul Bley-Fragments
a very slow moving album,very atmospheric.Bley is a legend of the free jazz scene and innovator(he experimented with electronic keyboards before most musicians had them,Moog gave him them to use first!)