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Monk`s life was interesting;he was very eccentric,there`s stories of him walking off the stage and dissappering for days.Quite a genius.
I don`t like too much in jazz from the past 25 years,except for some artists,Metheny is one,great artist.His 94 album Zero Tolorence For Silence had a quote on a sticker on the front by Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth.
I never listened too much to Morphine,heard some of their tunes on the radio,their sax player was cool.Sad to hear Mark Sandman died,loved how he played slide on bass.
Speaking of Coltrane with Monk,I assume your listening too that album from 1957;there`s a live recording Bluenote released years ago of them in 57,the sound is`nt too good but it`s worth hearing those guys who did`nt record too much together.
There`s a Monk live recording I heard once,it was recorded under the stage in the basement! They put microphones on the basement ceiling and taped it,Monk never knew it was being recorded.
If anyone wants to ask me jazz questions,just post it here.