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For anyone who wants to know more about jazz:
I`m not going to ramble on,talking about the past 100 years of jazz;check out some books at the library for that,but I am going to mention some of my fav albums from the 1950`s and 60`s,my fav era of jazz.

Miles Davis-Kind Of Blue
totally essential,best jazz record ever.

John Coltrane-Giant Steps
the album that put Coltrane in the forefront of sax players.

Charles Mingus-Mingus Ah Um
An amazing album,one of his best.

Bill Evans-At The Village Vanguard
also available as 2 cd`s:Sunday at the village vanguard and Waltz for Debbie.
1961 live date that is legendary.bassist Lafaro died 10 days after in a car accident.

Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie-Bird and Diz
a 1950 session that I find as good as any of their other stuff,the band is killer too;Thelonious Monk on piano,Buddy Rich on drums.

Thelonious Monk-Monk`s Dream
His major label debut from 1962,a classic.

Eric Dolphy-At the Five Spot Vol 1
Dolphy was a amazing sax/bass clairinet/flute player,this live session with underated trumpeter Booker Little is great.

Cannonball Adderley-In San Fransisco
Cool live recording from 1959.very popular in it`s day.

Chet Baker-Chet
1958-59 sessions of ballads,slow and mellow stuff,Chet sounds great on this.

Wayne Shorter-Juju
a classic,Shorter showing that he was coming into his own as a musician and composer.