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Alot of the battle between pop alt and indie is mainsteam vs underground culture.there`s so many pop alt fans because that`s all they know,the videos they see,the radio they listen to,they`re satisfied with the music so they see no point in listening to indie stuff,why would you want to listen to a band no one`s heard of?it`s a status quo thing,they want to listen to what thier friends like and what gets told to them what`s cool from mainstream vid and radio play and music stores displaying the next cool thing.
Indie fans usually heard the music from college radio,which seems to have changed over the years,indie rock has taken some harsh blows,the electronic scene for one,the early 90`s were such a rememberable time in indie rock then after awhile it lost some steam,the electronic revolution began and indie rock lost alot of fans.
It seems people are`nt adventurous enough for diffrent music,I think jazz drives people crazy more than punk/indie music does.
You never mentioned any jazz stuff Jaron,did you ever listen to any of it?,mention some stuff and I`ll talk about,it`ll be helpful to any one else here as well.