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<BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by salamiguy:
<STRONG>also overrated:

If you like em Jaron,as well as Pumpkins and Radiohead,that`s ok;I`m critical of big alt-rock acts,that`s just me.
If you like NIN`s mega angst,try listening to Big Black or The Swans,they`re not as cheesy as Reznor.
Glad to hear your checking out Modest Mouse and Man Or Astroman,alot of people who listen to popular alt bands would`nt even bother trying to listen to indie bands,so you get cool points from me.</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Well, I’ll listen to most anything. I agree, alot of alt rock fans won’t listen to indie. But also, alot of indie fans, I’ve found, seem to high and mighty to listen to "sell-out" alt. rock [not you personally, just making conversation]. There really is not a huge difference between alt and indie in my mind, but there seems to be a big rift between them.

I visit quite a few MBs and BBSs and it seems to be this way. Here, Radiohead gets dogged. Over on the SP BBS, Dino Jr., Modest Mouse, and the such get no love. It’s ridiculous. And the thing is, alot of alt fans are looking for a "revolution" – something to take down pop music. But they just don;t realize that the next big alt. movement won’t sound like classic 95 alt. "The next Nirvana will not sound like Nirvana."

And that’s why I post about both music styles in both forums. When we being to realize that the two styles aren’t that different, we take the first step towards unification of rock.