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I certainly see your point, Jaron. I am sure many people out there are using Mp3’s for nothing more than a way to avoid paying for the work of an artist who they so righteously claim to like.

However, the concern has become an oroborus, or the snake that eats its own tail. To deal with the mass of Mp3 downloaders, the interest groups of note have taken broad-based measures that punish all read again all consumers. I will not be repetitive in listing those measures. We have enough threads that give the specifics.
I will only mention the most obvious affect measure: increasing costs for the cd’s we continue to buy.

I find that the loss the industry suffered in the Patriot bill fiasco sets a precedent of hope. If every single person who could be informed of the proceedings would write one lousy letter to their congressman and appropriate level Cabinet department, this issue could get the media influence it needs to turn the industry itself into that tail eating snake when it had to explain itself before the nation’s eyes and ears.

It seems what we are lacking the most to make it happen is unity,education and willingness to act. God bless the Mattman for keeping one eye open and an ear to the wind.

Again, what I am offering is a chance for us to use all of our resources collectively to let each and every congressman and executive office know we are on the same page. How do we do this?

1) Write those letters. Then we each exchange them with each other until we each have several or hopefully, a stack. Mail them to local state and federal government. Since we have Amendments in the Constitution that gives the states certain powers, they too should be informed of these matters, as they mostly each set individual sales taxes and regulate intrastate commerce. If some local labels draw most of their income in the metropolitan area they exist in, certainly they will be interested in any local shifts in sales tax or even something as far-fetched as bond revenues that a dissenting congressman voted for increasing that raises rent for studios. You have to look at unrelated issues and how those events can be used to garner support for the building of networks. Pervasive awareness is key, folks.

2) If the support gets big enough, the chance always exists to get an 800 number to generate polls or questionaires. Certainly, this would be a ways off but, not impossbile to think about.

3) Just believe!!!! If AIDS activists and the Religious Right can keep drawing up funds and participation, we can’t we? Is having your entertainment socially, economically and politically controlled without representation palatable?
I have a "true intention" of freedom and expressing myself artistically. Likewise, I wish to have the right to hear others do the same for appropriate value and without duress.

Again, I implore as many people who claim to have interest or be affected by these recent events to step forward and band together. In the event personal preferences take charge and you would like someone else to do the organizing, so be it. I would be happy to just take part and offer my help and resources. I have no hidden agenda to recall, nor does my resume need any padding. Believe it or not, I am just out to do the next right thing.


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