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Yes Jaron, but my question for you is… HOW and WHY does anything in your last post justify the media’s attempt to use the law to force their digital rights management methods on both the public, and an unwilling tech industry.

I have no problem with an artist’s promotion of one’s self, nor do I have a problem with said artist seeking an outside source (record label, ect) for promotion.

However, when these media companies attempt to manipulate the law so that we are forced only to buy products on their approved list, it is then, that I have a problem. As a voting citizen, and a member of the tech sector, I choose to speak out against it, as well as try to convince those who will listen why I feel they should stand against it as well.

…without big buisness promoting, marketing, and selling records, we would not have any idea what bands music to download in a no-label system.

I’d like to remind you all what a former chief Justice of the Supreme Court once said about pornography: “I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it.â€