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Hey Siphonophora
Talking to people here is`nt hard,sometimes people don`t reply to posts,not that they`re trying to be rude,sometimes you just can`t think of something to say.
I thought you were`nt posting alot because you were shy,did`nt think you felt that you`re not being accepted here.We`ll accept you and anyone else who wants to be a regular around here,as Allison said it`s always cool to talk to new people on the site.
So keep posting here and don`t feel that no one will respond,someone will,as Tony said we can chat through pm`s.I was going to send you a pm about Hum since you mentioned you like them,not enough Hum fans here.Since the site is being worked on the message that tells you that there`s a private message there is`nt working,just click on private messages on the left under bulletin board,that will take you to your profile,scroll down,the pm`s are there,I`ll send you one today.