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Hey Siphonora,

Not everyone gets into the bb deal, couple things to remember about this site and board though…

* we got to preview More Light six months before its release

* one of the few places on the web to get such comprehensive new info on J…ie directly from the man himself

* the show reviews that are provided by fans, not only show reviews but pics and other cool info not available for Dino fans easily thru their local papers

* the ftp sites available with tons of Mascis songs and other cool bands to choose from are free for the taking…very cool feature

* the collection of reviews, articles and pics available on this site are incredible, pretty hard to beat that for any Dino/J fan

* the video boards are incredible, can’t find that kind of collection of Dino/J stuff anywhere else but here

So hopefully if you just don’t feel like participating in the bb you will still visit to check out what is happening with J cause this is the place to find out that kinda info first.

Allison [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]