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Thanks for that article,Jeremiah.
I was listening to jazz for a short time in 1989 no one on the radio shows I was listening to was playing free jazz,I did`nt know what the books were talking about,until I tuned into the local college station on boxing day 89 when someone was playing Coltrane`s"Ascension",it blew me away,all the talk of friends telling me that jazz is elevator music or cheesy department store music and that it`s stupid music was blown away;listen to this man!you think jazz can`t be punk?
My friends were not into punk but they thought rock music is superior over jazz.
My theory is that these guys were the original inventors of punk;the fire,energy,and noise of free jazz is just as punk as the Pistols.
When I first heard Sonic Youth,it was "Silver Rocket";that feedback in the middle reminded me of free jazz,except they were using guitars instead of saxophones.

Thurston has great taste,we need rock musicians like Thurston,Iggy,and Rollins to tell people that jazz is`nt what you think it is,it can be as energetic as rock music just as much as it can be mellow.