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maybe i should have edited this a bit more b/c it seems a bit lengthy, but this is my review of the dingwalls show


my husband and i got there just before 7 … we had stormed over there from our house via 2 buses and some v.fast walking … we were hoping to get there before the doors opened to get a good spot right nr the stage, so we were in a serious rush… but when we got there we found out the doors weren’t scheduled to open until 7.30 (even though the tix said 7), so the security guys (one of whom seemed v.v.stoned !) suggested we all wait in the bar upstairs

i was 1/2 expecting to see j sitting up there, but he wasn’t — or at least i didn’t see him

they finally let us in at about 7.45 … thankfully the security was pretty lax about letting in cameras and also they let us sit on the stage too …

chris brokaw was 1st up at 8.30 … i really liked his instrumental songs and later i read that he’s just brought out an album w/all instrumental music … it didn’t seem like there were that many people paying attention to him except the crowd right up front – and there was a lot of talking background noise … i felt sorry for him b/c it must have been v.distracting, but he did a great job and he thanked people for listening (maybe a sublte dig at those who weren’t?) …

j came on at 9.30 or so and started w/someone said + he was off – charging through the songs with little or no time between them … not to say that he didn’t play them w/feeling, but more like he was an unstoppable one-man hit factory. this was the 1st time he didn’t have a set list (that i’ve ever seen), but like infinate spark pointed out it was the same set as the liverpool show … so i guess he knew it by heart already …

near to the end of the show he asked for a request … kind of … well he said something like, “what should i play nextâ€