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<BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ELJ:
<STRONG>I assume everyone was able to get it not admins/mods. It seems to be what you were saying, and it makes sense with my point – it’s not as though admins got it and no one else.</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yep, but wait. There were no mods at that time, just me [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/rolleyes.gif[/img]

<BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ELJ:
Huh? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

the whole wife thing.. [img]images/smiles/converted/rolleyes.gif[/img] too tired/bored to look for the thread just to prove it to you…