i had the luxury of being cool off the back of a friends brother, whose records we would always listen to while he was out with girls and having a life. Then however i committed a crime which i believe would have Mr Bush going postal on my ass if i did it today, in that the first song i ever attempted live for my first ever band, To Lift An Elephant, (Shit name, you can imagine the rest) was Freak Scene. I have no idea what i thought i was doing, and i am glad that i was so fucked that it is merely a hazy memory. i now DJ, and to rather self conciously complete the circle, the first track i ever played was Freak Scene, which was danced to by five blokes dressed as the Village People, for some strange reason. There was a time when all the people i considered cool loved Dinosaur Jr and Dinosaur, but now nobody knows what i am talking about if i mention them. i guess that means i am too old!