I discovered dinosaur jr when I was at school, and it’s is not a very well-known kind of music in my country (Chile), so it’s hard to find theirs albums.
By that time, I was listening all that grunge things like pearl jam, but when I discovered the sonic chords and that amazing overdrive of dinosaur jr, I fell in love with it and I couldn’t stop listening to it…..till now…
I think that J Mascis is a sort of "genious" and his music is the best thing that I could have recieved from life……
It’s sad to think that I will never be able to see J Mascis alive because I don’t think he will come to southamerica, but…I used to think that of "the breeders" too…and they came here…so…why doesn’t J ?….
excuse my english but it’s not my native language….
and I just can say…J Mascis…thanks for your music……..and there is a lot of people waiting for you here…at the end of the world…. :)