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Those songs suck, but you guys are waaaay off on the worst song ever. This one clocks in at the peak of early nineties shittiness. This song has had a tragic effect on anyone that has heard it. I recently got in a discussion with a friend about this song at a bar. We decided that we were able to pick out the people that had heard the song and those that had somehow escaped its vice-like grip. I’ve never been able to escape its grip. It is a sort of gelatanous wad of penut butter stuck to my brain.

The artist: Billy Ray Cyrus
The song: The Punctuation Song


"I love you period,
But do you love me question mark
Oh please please exclamation point
I want to hold you in parenthesis."

I think I only heard the song on the radio once in my life, but there was this kid in junior high that sang it endlessly. I should have shoved a urinal mint down his bastard throat–exclamation point
I blame this song for all that went wrong with my life. Is there anyone else out there that has swallowed this swill?