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the meatloaf song mentioned was quite awful, but his second single off that album was even more rediculous with an even longer title. The song: "Objects in the Rearviewmirror May Be Closer than they are." He says this over and over again. The song is an epic, clocking in at about seven minutes. The video for it was even more rediculous, very sappy deal about a drag race gone bad. Old Meat was watching the whole thing in some puffy shirt with a clenched fist belting out the words. "Objects in the rearview mirror may be closer than they are." Breathtaking!

How about the eighties song "Solid as a Rock"
It appears in the movie Ghost World. Steve Bushemi’s character is on a date with a girl and she is trying to get him to dance to it. It’s hillarious because he only listens to classic underground blues. Great movie if you haven’t seen it.