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So it’s not a Joke??? Uma Thurmon went to high school with me AND I DID NOT NOTICE!!! I don’t know… Anyone know how old she is? I kind of stuck to the dark corners of high school… Maybe I didn’t notice… I did not notice much anyway at that time… We did have Bill Cosbys daughter in that school. He lives about 30 miles north of amherst and she was shipped down in a lemo. I don’t know what she was doing there. The only girls that looked anything like UMA were the Kanava twins… But they had curly hair… Uma is sort of tall, voluptuous and has straight hair and a smoky complexsion, high cheek bones, ect. right? Maybe I have my super modals mixed up…

I don’t think any of you folks would have recognised J in high school. He had a VERY short hair cut.