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Uhh… Now that you point out that it’s a joke I get it. I did not know what to make of that clip when I first saw it. I keep thinking I should get "the year that punk broke." It’s a very inexpensive video, like $8.00 (I think aroulnd $6.00 at the sonic Youth website.)

I went to high school with J. I don’t remember anyone one named Uma. It must be a joke. Uma Thurmon??!?!! People say she is a Dino Jr. Fan… I do remember getting the feeling that J was secretly snickering at people when they talked to him. He did not make too many jokes but I think it may have been because he thought everything was funny enough as it is.

I do remember the guy who lit himself on fire in the common. I recollect that was around the Gulf War and was some kind of protest. But I did not really care either… I think I might even have been in town that day… I remember talking about it with family and not being able to break the sense of disbelief.

But it’s a joke. Uhh… Amherst is a joke!! Nice to visit and buy stuff but I am glad I no longer live there….

And yes thanks for the clips!