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Dolly Parton rules! (really)
Bad Religion became a bit of a joke after suffer me thinks. Well, teacher has a go at punk rock. Rarely works.
Kids, what is wrong with Experimental Jet set. I thought it was a return to form after Dirty. Songs too short or what?
Actually my first record ever was the red album from the Beatles. I was eight or so and had just seen Yellow Submarine and Help on the telly which I really enjoyed and the red album was the only record that had both titlesongs on them (the only songs I knew by name then). In the course of the next year I got all of their records and listened to not much else until I discovered the Rolling Stones when I was ten. So all Beatles tunes are still way too familiar to me. I mean, they are all so catchy, that even if you havent heard them for ages, you can still sing along, which makes them sort of boring.
Salamigguy, I agree to most of the records you dismissed (well the ones I know). Will try to come back to that in greater detail.
Jesus and the Marychain, well, I know that Psycocandy is such a classic, but if I put in on nowadays it really sounds contrived and old fashioned to me.
Sleater Kinney aren’t going for so long, or are they. I saw them together with Bis a couple of years ago and thought the voice was a bit irritating after the first 30 minutes.
More later

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