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I will comment on a few bands and you can decide for youselves if a) they stand the test of time or if b) I am insane for liking them all in some respect. The list and comments:
1. Joni Mitchell. Her works are some of the most muscially and lyrically challenging to come across in modern music. Sadly, I think she has smoked one too many cigarettes over the years. Compare Blue to Taming the Tiger.
2. Metallica. Sorry guys, but I still think everything before the Black album drew from most of the harder punk bands mentioned in the earlier posts in this thread. See Garage Days Rerevisted or Garage Inc. Now, they are a parody of themselves. I am sad to see greed take such a toll on a group.
3. Naked Raygun. They have been compared to the Buzzcocks, who I haven’t yet heard. I have loved Raygun since first listen, just like J. Had they only hung on just a year or two more, I think they could have been quite the force in a more widely known sense, especially with the Pumpkins blowing Chicago’s scene open like they did.
4. Bad Religion. I didn’t care much for their earlier albums, too much damn noise and speed. On the album New America, I was impressed. You can understand all the lyrics, the melodies are catchy and the ethic still remains.
4. Misfits. Go ahead and tell me the Danzig stuff was not groundbreaking. I wouldn’t care even if you did. The newer stuff packs quite a whollop of its own, but they are either verging on or have arrived at a good thing being done to death
5. Johnny Cash. The guy is flat out amazing. I know, I know, he is the favorite country start for alt rock folks to bandwagon, but the truth is the guy can paint pictures with his lyrics, much like Joni. See God, Love, and Murder. Nuff Said.
7. Dolly Parton. Go ahead, laugh some more. If you pick up her new bluegrass album, Little Sparrow, you’ll understand.
8. Laura Nyro. She has a 2 CD set out called Stone Soul Picnic that was incredibile. She managed to cover some many different genres of her time and to do it all with equal talent. She is missed.
9. Pennywise. They ripped it up on Unknown Road back in the early 90’s. For about 4 years, I stopped listening to them. Then Straight Ahead came out in 1999 and the only difference to me is that they got muscially tighter in their playing and the lyrics are a socio-political agitator’s dream.
PS. I was thinking about Jawbox a month or so ago and decided to look them up and was sad to see they disbanded. For Your Own Special Sweethart was a goldmine. They were very creative and powerful. Sorry for the mini novel, a tad.