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What Blind Willie do you mean?Johnson or McTell?
Blind Lemon Jefferson was a Texas singer/guitarist back in the 1920`s,his records sold extremely well,he was quite popular.His proteges included T-Bone Walker and Lightnin Hopkins,who hung around him and helped him out.While up in Chicago around the time of the stock market crash he had a heart attack and died in a snowbank,they found him days later.The Jefferson Airplane was named after him.
Blind Willie Johnson was a Texas slide master who mostly stuck to gospel music,but played it in a blues manner,his voice was so rough he`d make Tom Waits sound smooth!Very spooky stuff he recorded,all during the 20`s,stop recording in 1930,died in a fire in 1950.
Blind Willie McTell was once namechecked by a Dylan song with his name.He was from Georgia,first recorded "Statesboro Blues"in 1928,a tune the Allman Brothers cut in 1969
His songs could be pretty violent at times,he made gansta rap over 70 years ago!He recorded one last session in 1956,one tune "the Dyin Crapshooters Blues"is like a Tom Waits tune.

Townes Van Zandt,I was talking to Deepsludge about,I think I`ll come up with a new thread about and see if we can get some discussion about Townes going.