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Well, by the time Darklands was recorded Bobby G had already left to form Primal Scream and the whole thing was recorded with a drumcomputer which doesn´t really suit the music I think and I saw Jesus and the Marychain around that time which was really weird. You know, three guys with guitars in front of a curtain performing to a drummachine. Well Rock´n´Roll purist that I was back then, I thought that was completly out of order. I mean, it coulnd´t be to hard to find someone who drummed as bad as Bobby Gillespie. Barbed Wire is ok though.
In regard to the really interesting list by halfman, I just put in the survivers for good measure. Basically you got the same suspects we had a couple of months ago when we tried to decide on the most influential bands. Well, I was willing to have a small bet that Allison would list the Stooges and Hüsker Dü (can’t do the Umlaut, can you?) as bands that would stand the test of time. But what I really want to know is about the bands that you can´t stand anymore, though once you thought they were the bees knees.