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Halfman-I got into the speedpunk bands a couple of years ago,Bad Religion,Pennywise,Lagwagon,Face To Face,MxPx,etc. and out of all of them Face To Face impressed me the most,did`nt like their attempt at being a alt rock band with Ignorance Is Bliss but I guess Reactionary was a return to their punk sound,I have`nt heard it so tell if it`s good if you have heard it.The other bands I like some of their tunes but generally got bored with the whole speedpunk thing after a while,I think playing slow is more intense if you ask me.
Dolly Parton? If I want to hear female country singers I`d rather Iris DeMent(who can bring me to tears with some of her tunes like"Our Town"),Lucinda Williams(Essence is one of my fav albums of the year),or Gillian Welch(still don`t have her new album yet).Dolly is talented and I`m not trying to diss her but I don`t think I`d listen to her much.
Joni? A great songwriter but in terms of her voice I`m not too crazy about,I respect her creative moves of having jazz musicians on her albums and recording a tribute to Charles Mingus,my fav jazz musician.
Jawbox were amazing,very intellegent band,if you get Launch.com working Halfman check out the 3 Jawbox videos.
Misfits?-They`re come back seems to be a parody of themselves,maybe on par with Kiss reunions,their better days are behind them and they know it but still try to fool the fans in thinking they`re worth while.The Stones are the worst offenders.This is just my opinion,if you think otherwise it`s ok with me.
Johnny Cash-amazing man,real country music is violent,passionate,spooky,honest music,not that friggin happy stuff which litters country radio today.

Allison-Sloan was a big disappointment,they were local heroes here who were all ex punks,now on the radio you can hear them chose their fav Rod Stewart songs,disgusting.
they also got into a Beatles rip off which wasn`t very good.One of their tunes off their 2nd album begins like "Little Furry Things",with the same drum fill;Murph should have got a patent on that I guess.