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I`ve have`nt heard too much by the Strokes but it sounds ok,I`m not running out to buy any soon though.I agree with BR that compared to other stuff out there it`s better.
White Stripes have been getting alot of hype recently,I like them but wish some of the other bands I like would get more attention.When I bought White Blood Cells the guys in the store were raving about WS,like they were the greatest band ever,I did`nt understand it.WS are cool but I did`nt think they lived up to what those guys think they are.Maybe they `re used to listening to so much crap bands WS sounds totally amazing to them.
I tried to get my cousin to listen to the bands I like,he liked a song here and there and I gave him some tapes to listen to,I doubt he listened to them.He`s satisfied with the crap that`s out there and does`nt see anything wrong with it.If it makes him happy then fine,that`s his taste in music.People are`nt interested in trying something new,but hey if it makes their day…
"most of us are quite pleased with the same old song"-Guided By Voices

Anyway I`m just rambling on,I have`nt slept in days,I got an ulcer inside of my mouth that feels like the size of a golfball,I think I burned it on supper the other night,I`ve been swishing around mouthwash to keep the pain away,I think it`s working.