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K7 Rides Again

Once again, incredibly disappointed. Thank god I saw it at the supersaver or I would ask for my money back.

The humor (in my opinion) was indicative of the typical lame, uninspired, and unimaginative writing of the last 6-7 seasons.

They took an extra long scene with a variety of well placed and interesting cover-ups only to finally expose Bart’s penis. Why waist all that creativity only to actually show it. The scene would have actually been better if they didn’t show it. That’s the beauty of the gag. At any moment you may see it, but never actually do. The writers have exchanged humor for shock value. There’s a difference.

Use of needless and not very well placed profanity. Marge cussing and Homer flicking every one off. Once again, shock factor, no creativity. The Simpsons of old could have pulled off the middle finger scene with some other gag, created a similar effect, and had far better results. In early episodes, the writers got away with saying things like ‘bitch’ and ‘hell’, because they were dropped into well crafted scenes. The shock factor was there, but the placement and surrounding dialogue were well written. Now they say things just to say them and for no other reason.

EX) When Santa’s Little Helper impregnants another dog, Bart explains that "Nothing has been the same since his [Santa’s Little Helpers’s] bitch moved in. Marge screams "BART!" to which he replies "Well that’s what she is. I looked it up in the dictionary."

That is classic! You have the shock value, but the supporting dialogue and manipulation of the setting to pull it off the joke. Now they would say bitch just to say bitch.

And then they had President Schwarzeneggar who was clearly Rainier Wolfcastle. Wouldn’t it have been better to have President Wolfcastle? I mean, that’s the joke right? Wolfcastle parallels Schwarzeneggar? So why wouldn’t you have Wolfcastle as the acting president since Schwarzeneggar want’s to change the law around foreign born citizens becoming president?

I don’t know, 2 thumbs down in my opinion. I honestly hoped the movie would be the grand finale, an excellent opportunity to present a grandeous episode and thank all the viewers for years of watching and laughs, but they seem to still be making episodes. :-