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"built_to_spill " wrote:
Yes, indeedy. My son is counting the hours…


My kid were also………………they went on the opening day. When they came home, they said they laughed. My son said there is a brief moment when you see Bart completely in the nude…….and that it was a bit awkward for him. His sisters just laughed.

My favorite homer line was a show I heard once and Marge was asking Homer why he was still at home. I can’t remember the exact dialog but it goes something like this:

Marge: Homer, you are still at home…….you should have left half an hour ago, you’re going to be late for work.

Homer: No, Marge, I’m not going to work today……….they told me if I was late one more time, I’ll be fired.
I can’t risk that.

the kids were watching it on TV links on the kitchen computer and It was a laugh out loud moment for me for sure.