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Shooters, beer, Tanqueray & Tonic all in the same nite will kill you every time…be careful, I am speaking from experience <img>

I think more than a few of us have ended up on the bathroom floor at a strangers place <img> Not a place you want to be, not fun, not cool, & definitely not the time to get up and drive home!!! Call someone, take a cab, walk don’t run, but don’t drive, somebody else could pay for your mistake!!!

I’ve had similar experiences to a lot mentioned here, never groped anyone though, been on the other side of that situation…not charming, even when done by a charming drunk <img> All for getting out there, achieving an altered state can be fun every now and then. Some people, like Rosa said, do it for the wrong reasons, I have some friends who have spiralled down into too much junky business, drug zombies…such a shame!!!

Bottom line, take some of the advice in this thread to heart, it’s meant with the best intention.


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