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I am with Rosa as well. Perhaps some comparison model is needed here. I hope you don’t get the impression that sanctity and personal harmony with those around you, in love, lust or friendship, will be all it can be with the addition of the social "lubricants".

I do not regret my lessons, though. What I figured was an awakening became narcotic, captivating, and bound. Consequence itself proved to be the key needed to free myself from the weight of my misconceptions. I never had any idea that what I did was wrong, or out of the ordinary. Everyone I knew did these things, yet no one I knew was really happy with how they felt about themselves or where their life was going. Determination to find that path of comfort and wisdom led me to many extremes, all useful in their own baggage-carrying ways. I cannot sat that I would have truly been happier or satisfied if I had abstained during your age. I didn’t so no regrets. However, you may find the chance to see for yourself differences in emotional control, tolerance of the world that must be stopped at times, and achievements, versus the dream of these things, along with the misery abuses can bring.

Live and let live,