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I normally do not comment on your reports simply because I feel unqualified in commenting on someone else’s life’s occurances if offense to me doesn’t occur. Not to mention, people have the right to experience life in their own way through their own particular frame of reference. I try to honor that with silence and appreciation from afar.

I just find the need to express a few things that I risk will enhance my alienation hereabouts on FS:

1. I do not see you as whining, but trying to reconnoiter your growth and development in trying times with equally trying people. Perhaps the weighing of values in each may give you an idea if it is worth it to continue on with them and with the cards you have been dealt. Change is pro-active and any derived satisfaction with a bum deal starts there. The choice is yours at this point, it seems.

2. Hard as it is to swallow, I saw a strange paradox in what you said above. You mentioned not havng a girlfriend for nineteen years and being realtively happy about it. On the other hand you seem sad about it not working out this time, but that it bothers you about not having any songs or whatnot to come out of it. Who knows, maybe the situtation is too new to make sense out of yet.

From what I know to be true, at least in the poetry I have been taught and have written, emotion needs to become thought, then the words come and then coherence. Have you tried writing all this down in black and white, as a stream of conciousness exercise? Keeping everything in the ol’ bean leaves it more grey and unmanagable, at least in my experience.
Who knows, you may even be able to get such a handle on the depth and undercurrents exisiting
in this matter so that you can turn it to something positive for any similar situations that may pop up. The experience is only as valuable as its applications, sometimes. Luck to you, prairie dog.

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