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Top work Malky – a real discussion starter. Next time you are in the car with friend and ladyfriend, stick the Cars – Best Friend’s Girl (but she could be mine) on the stereo and see if she rubs your thigh….See this as a social experiment, with you duty bound to enlighten the freaksceners as to developments.

Only stable relationship I know of, per se, occurs in Equus – where the disturbed, young man develops a penchant for removing horses’ genetalia (stable – horses. arf arf. sorry about that, only Monday morning, and my humour chip don’t kick in proper until at least bagel and marlboro time)

Make a few mistakes Malky, else how the hell are you going to give anyone else advice. Stop taking everything so seriously. Also, you’re gonna end up with some weird arse gimpogirls if you only talk about library related topics. Perhaps the reason that these girls all USED to like you, is that they fancied you physically at first, and then you libraried ’em to death, and they now think you are a sensitive, peculiar man lover??

Only playing with you pal. But back to your point on overtly clingy couples – this is usually instigated by one person, the slightly more paranoid of the couple that wants the whole world to know that his/her man/girl is taken, and thus, decreeing an ostensible "hands off" to any prosepective suitors. Can you stand these people? – the thirty kisses on the lips before they’ll step out the door, the "you hang up first" conversationalists, the "i wuv ooo" baby talkers.


Good luck anyways.

Ben (still single after nightmare breakup – does it show?) <img>

PS – Malc – like the name change, tres drole.

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