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full disclaimer this is simply my opinion, not to be taken seriously. and i have not been awake fer long, coupla hours and i cacacain’t drink coffee cuz i am allergic. and my heart is ache ache aching.
ok malcontent, if you ask which couple appears happier or IN LOVE or just comfy ,i dunno depends on the unique personality/psychology/rapport/functionality of the 2 folks in the couple but i will tell ya who i envy the most…
the ones all the fuck all fuckin’ over each other. but like sludgie i totally do not want to actually SEE it in public, get it, i do not want to bear witness to their glory, i am not into spectator sports so much, except lawn darts. but to actually be an active participant in that ridiculous passion, to be an integral part of those two who know, somehow, that like noone else exists, and the world simply revolves around just the two of you and you are the center of all the good happy stuff. yea for you. lucky shits, hope it lasts, do i seem bitter? i am only jealous… i want to know that, the wonder of it, mebbe in the kitchen or, downcellar, in the woods, under the table at a restaraunt, at the movies, beneath the blanket watching fireworks or the stars shine or in the screen room away from the ‘squitos..
i need a swim.
later dudes