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Hey Malc-man… The proper ratio is 3 quarters charm, and 1 quarter mind control… These are exact proportions, do not deviate or you will not achive desired results…

Too little mind control and you’ll just be friends (likely your problem.)

Even worse, too much mind control, and you got zombies on your hands… and you DON’T want zombies!!! They’re big trouble, just ask Allison, if you don’t want to take my word for it… She’ll back me up… I mean, come on… They eat brains!

Anyway, do you mind sharing with us exactly how you know that you and Amanda are just friends… Did you actually discuss this? Or did you ever tell her how you feel (as I advised earlier)… I’ll not have you skating out of this one so easily…

It will take some tact, though… You don’t want to scare her off…