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I, too, would be interested to hear the goal of the assignment. I really wonder why a teacher would ask you to write a paper "classifying" people. Teenagers are hard enough on each other with the labelling/stigmatizing as it is; I always thought it was adults’ responsibility to discourage that kind of behavior, and encourage individuality & cooperation. Similar to what Allison said, I believe that labels are a tool used by insecure people– If I know "what" someone is, I will know "how" to treat them. It upsets me to know that there are professors endorsing that mentality. Adults should think back on their childhood, and know better.

I’m not trying to attack you personally, Malc. I just think that, whether or not the piece was lighthearted in nature, people will internalize your words and stereotypes will be reinforced. That teenagers can’t play guitar, that girls in music stores are just "girlfriends", that black people are the only ones with any real talent.

I dig ya, Malc! Just debating is all.