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I appreciated your post, Allison. As much as I would like to say the paper would stand up as it is with the cheerleader line, I cannot agree on that part.

Perhaps if you did not use a narrative form, and stuck with a pure story format, the satire would be presented in a more acceptable format. With the narrative, you take the chance of claiming the phrase in question as a assertation. Really, I think changing the wording in a few places would work, but hey, if it’s turned in, great. If you have to revise, so be it.

Establishing the proper voice for the essay can be tricky sometimes. I was given the choice of pro or con death penalty for a poli sci paper freshman year. Rather, I let my partner pick, as I could do either with equal fervor. I tried to be very careful in trying to pick out statements that could be phrased without committing to ownership of the position, yet still presenting the material. It was tough, yet it worked out well.

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