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Malcom it wasn’t that you didn’t mention woman it was the context that you mentioned them in…ie the cheerleader/girlfriend deal. I understand that there are less females involved in music, but there are some, they buy gear, they play music, they write songs, some even play screaming leads behind marshall stacks. Woman in music have for a long time been thought of as fluff, girlfriends, groupies, sluts, yoko ono <img> not knowledgeable except for what their boyfriends told them, thats why when I see something that seems to be following that line of thought if offends me. Not saying thats what you were doing, like halfman I thought you were presenting that stereotypical view not endorsing it. But yeah even that is a problem for me, and I imagine a few more.

If someone wrote an essay on men using the classifications you described I would find that to be stereotypical and demeaning as well. Not like there are no cheapskate females out there or anything. I think being cheap is a non gender specific trait, along with many others.

Like I said sometimes people do categorizations based on their own personal context/experience/bias/influence etc, and its usually done with little info ie just the superficial subjective
assessment with little actual fact to back up that assessment. When at work I classify/label behaviors according to well researched guidelines, I try to remain objective and not let myself slide into a subjective judging state.

Back to the female thing, compared to males there are fewer females enrolled in science/math courses, few in leadership roles in politics, heads of corporations have been primarily male for years, why is that…well I could get into a whole biopsychosocialcultural spiel but won’t, think thats something you will probably be looking at over the next couple years in school.

Why I was interested in the goal of that papers…just the geek in me needing to know. I hope it is to outline the dangers of classification with limited info…ie promoting stereotypes.

So thats my spiel, hope it makes some sense. Again Malcom nothing personal, always enjoy the malcom report so hopefully you keep it going.


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