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Having worked in a music store, I can say that Malcom is not entirely without merit here. Though the wording of the essay does come off a bit overly stereotypical (I’d definitely remove the cheerleader comment in the beginning, and maybe rethink the "couple" part.)

I noticed a mistake, in the beginning paragraph, you seem to have accidentely put "four", instead of "five" for the types of people who show up in the store. Also, if I may make a suggestion. If you must leave the "couple" part the way it is, I’d change the line "inevitably dressed all in black" to "invariably dressed all in black". Just sounds better to me. <img>

Actually, if anything, I’d say that you left out a few…

The Gearhead = The guy who thinks one’s equipment makes the musician. May or may not actually be able to play the instrument.

The Name-Dropper = The guy who hangs out at the counter, constantly talking about all the popular local musicians that he’s "best friends" with. Also may or may not actually be able to play an instrument.

The Gear Clueless = Folks who have no idea of the gear in their posession. Likely to bring in a busted $50 plywood guitar in for repairs. Have expensive Seymor-Duncan pickups placed into their cheap Squire strat. Or, best of all, attempt to sell the vintage 52′ Telecaster, they came to somehow own, for $200 (hopefully the employee behind the counter is honest enough not to rip the person off).

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