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What Would Mattman Do? (WWMD?) <img> <img>

Your best option is hypnosis… She can’t get mad at you if she doesn’t even remember who you are. <img> <img>

The best formula, I’ve found, is 3/4 charm and 1/4 mind control. If she’s super tough, you might need to step up the mind control to 3/8, but NEVER EXCEDE 1/2!!! Too much mind control turns its victims into mindless automatons, and increases the zombie population (intellectual zombies, for those keeping track of the zombie type.) <img>

Seriously though, are you absolutly sure you’re not interested in her? Seems to me that you were at one point, if only briefly. It may be a good idea to go over the whole situation in your head, and make sure you’re really not interested, and not just having some kind of relationship jitters…

My advice, if this is the case, is to tell her that you want to keep things on a slow note, for now at least. Tell her that things got a little carried away the other night (sounds like that’s what happened anyway.) Then, if you’re still not interested in her, you can break it off knowing that you gave her a chance…

Of course, if you’re absolutely sure that you’re not interested now, I’m gonna go with dfkgurl here and say that your best bet is to just own up to it, and let her know that you’re not into having a relationship. She’ll be upset, she may drag you though the mud, but hey, you got yourself into this situation…