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Okey, had to cut the first report short, owing to class starting up. Here’s what needs left to be said.

-The car was only banged and dented, pretty badly, but it still runs, I’m driving the (newley christened) ghettomobile to work tommorow.

-My social life is fucked up because I broke two of the big rules of living- I went out on what was essentially a blind date (clause I-don’t go on blind dates) with some secretary my dad works with (clause II-don’t go out with girls your parents pre-approve of). Anyways, she’s a real sweetheart (and she got nice boobs to boot), but I don’t think I want to date her regularly. These days she’s calling me regularly wanting to go out at like ten PM. When you live an easy half hours drive from a person’s home, 10 PM is a late time to start visiting. I also feel a bit funky having my dad in the background, so to speak. So I’m basically trying to attempt the impossible, letting a person off without hurting them badly enough keep them completely unavailable.