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I think our ages our showing with this thread.

1-Dire Straits-Brothers In Arms
3-I like their other albums more then this one.
4-no,but I still have it.

first cd:Genesis-Selling England By The Pound;someone on Bob Mould site mentioned listening to this,I don`t feel so weird about it now,one reason why I like GBV is that Pollard sounds so much like Peter Gabriel when he was in Genesis.

Rosa-I bought Tori`s Little Earthquakes for my sister once.
Tony-I have the same birthday as Ice Cube.
Mattman-cool that your Dad is a Bluegrass musician.
Flying Cloud-strange that your Mom thought Queen as satanic;my Mom loves Queen.
den buck-Lou Reed is a pretty cool start of a record collection.

I had a record collection at an early age till about age 7 when I stopped for some reason;I must have been about 3 or so;I was into alot of disco,listened to the radio alot;I even remember having a Ace Frehley single;I think it was New York Groove.