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A couple of things:
1) I find it hard to believe that someone likes the Primitives (that’s the one with Tracey, and not the pre-Velvet Underground incarnation) and doesn’t like Blondie, cause the Primitives were basically a Blondie rip off.
2) Sonic Youth are great, and I love Kim Gordons Voice, it’s just that she’s not into traditional singing, which is fine by me. I mean she obviously doesn’t have a broad vocal range, but neither has David Gedge.
3) Is there someone female who actually likes guitar soli, or is that a mainly male thing?
4) Female Stooges, Dino kind of thing?! Check out Silverfish and Th’ Faith Healers. Their "Slag" sounds a bit like Dinos "Don’t" (equally unlistenable, some might say, not me of course).
5) of course, I forgott Bikini Kill