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I came across this and thought I add to it.When I went through the memberlist there was`nt too many female singers named.I did`nt get into too many female singers until I started listening to punk/indie stuff,even when I listened to jazz/blues I was`nt that much into female singers,some of them but not many.
Here`s some of my fav female singers:
Kim Deal(Pixies/Breeders)-There`s a new Breeders album coming out soon,with a new lineup;featuring Kim with 2 guys from Fear and a guy from 22 Jacks.
Kim Gordon
Belinda Butcher(MBV)
Tayna Donnely(Throwing Muses/Breeders/Belly)
Kristin Hersh
Thalia Zedek(Come)
Rebecca Gates(Spinanes)
Georgia Hubley(Yo La Tengo)
Hope Sandoval(Mazzy Star)
Juliana Hatfield
Marcy Mays(Scrawl)(check out the Afghan Whigs song `My Curse` from their "Gentlemen"album,Marcy guests on this tune and does a great performance)
Carol Van Dijk(Bettie Serveert)(originally a canadian,from British Columbia I think.)
Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein(Sleater Kinney)(Corin sings like she going to have a brain hemmorage or something,very intense singer;Carrie is a good singer as well.)
Liz Fraser(Cocteau Twins)(I don`t know what the hell she`s singing about but who cares!Amazing voice.)
Caroline Finch(Linoelum)(What ever happened to her or that band?Does anybody know?)
Carla Bozalich(Geraldine Fibbers)(check out `Dragon Lady` from their "Lost Somewhere…" album;I always get a kick out of it.)
Mary Lou Lord(anyone who quotes J is cool,she quoted `Freak Scene` in her song `Western Union Desperate`.)
Harriet Wheeler(Sundays)
Fontaine Toups(Versus)(great lead and backup singer)
PJ Harvey
Raincoats(the women in the Raincoats were bizzare singers but very cool,Kurt Cobain loved them.)
Janet Beveridge Bean(Eleventh Dream Day/Freakwater)(does mostly backing vocals,love her voice.)
Jane(don`t know her last name;Perfume Tree)(their early stuff was guitars,voice and dance beats;I usually don`t like stuff like this,but perfume tree are cool,their more recent stuff is more electronic;one critic called them"Sarah Maclachlan meets the Orb")
Alison Shaw(Cranes)(If you thought Juliana has a baby doll voice,check out Alison;very sweet singer.)
Linda Hopper(Magnapop)(Maganaop has been called "Debbie Harry meets Husker Du".)
Isobel Campbell(Belle And Sebastian/Gentle Waves)
Mary Weiss(Shangri-La`s)(She was the best singer in the Shangri-La`s,sang lead vocals on a lot of their tunes including`Leader Of The Pack`;Johnny Thunders was a fan,and I suspect the Ramones were too,being from Queens like the Ramones.)
Etta James(good call Allison for calling her cool,I Like her better than Aretha;She never got the promotion to be a well known queen of soul,always got stuck with a blues singer label,she `s definitely a soul singer or even jazz singer when she wants to do that,like the Billie Holliday tribute she did.I think she also sang with the Rolling Stones on the song`Gimme Shelter`;You can hear Mick say;`C`mon Etta` or something like that before she sings in the middle of that tune.)
Billie Holliday(one of my fav jazz singers)
Anita O`day(another fav jazz singer,still alive too;she`s like 82 now;I don`t think she sings too often anymore.Check out any of her 50`s and 60`s records if you like jazz singers.)
Bessie Smith(Best blues singer ever,she was around in the 20`s and early 30`s,powerful voice and powerful woman,there`s stories of her throwing men threw windows!and ripping up the curtains of the stage where she performed at.)
Astrud Gilberto(Brazilian singer who can so sing!Jebus likes her too and so do I.)
Julie London(good lounge singer in the 50`s and 60`s and actress,she was in the TV show "Emergency" in the 70`s,played a nurse.)

I think I mentioned enough.