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I wouldn´t know about the soccer thing, cause I´m not interested in sports, but I´m pretty certain that the Brits invented political sex scandals. So thumbs up to that.
I disagree on the Beatles being the first Boygroup, cause what defines a Boygroup is, that they have been casted, that they don´t write their own songs, that they can´t play instruments, that the music is completly irrelevant and at least one member has to be gay. The Beatles fail on most of these. If it is enough to be adored by female teenagers, then the Mills Brothers would be the first Boygroup.
Namedropping to be continued
and yes, I do love England
didn´t they invent Fish & Chips?
And it should be die Umwelt, but I let it pass this time.
And Bates, why don´t you just buy a new turntable?

if you don’t find what you are looking for, ask for it

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