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Jeeez, what is this obsession with Madonna? Alright, True Blue had a nice tune, but the whole production is, well, just silly. Which reminds me, the groove on Justify my Love is nicked from some my bloody valentine instrumentals, that you got as a bonus 7 inch with the first pressing of Isn`t anything (or was it the other way round, does anyone know? Or care?). Anyway, I was in this club and thought wow, they´re playing my bloody valentine, rushed onto the dancefloor and two minutes later it dawned on me, that it was actually Madonna and I thought shit, I´m dancing (well more a sort of wobbling) to a Madonna tune. Aaaaaargh! How do I get out of this? Fortunately there was no one there I knew. Interesting isn´t it? Anyway, I have nothing against Madonna, in fact I thought she was rather convincing as an actress in Snake Eyes. Just the music is crap. If we have to have a female superstar, I guess it has to be Björk.
And no way is his name Peter Parot. I have almost all of my records in Düsseldorf (dont ask), so I cant check, but I think his surname was Perett or something. Do you give a fuck? Just to show you how observant I am. Will get back to that Napster workout soon.

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