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Hi Kurt

Man U. Damn. They are still top of the premiership, but finding things tough. The problems have been selling Stam to Lazio, and buying Laurent Blanc, a once great world and European cup winning centre back who is now well past his prime. Everyone in the UK hates Man U – the majority of their fans are from Singapore and such, due to the marketing phenomenon that is Beckham. They are good to watch, and I will support them if they are playing in Europe (especially against Bayern – cue vicious response from our German members), but you are right, they ain’t nothing special this year. We even went to the once impenetrable Old Trafford and have won twice in the last year (mighty mighty West Ham! "Oh east London, is wonderful, Oh east London is wonderful, it’s full of tits, fanny and West Ham, oh east London is wonderful"), and the win a few weeks ago was our first in the league since 1985!

Shame you lot didn’t qualify for the World Cup this year. You’ll certainly have to be supporting good old blighty! Here is my team for the World Cup for England. David James in goal (West Ham), Ferdinand (Leeds, ex West Ham), Ashley Cole (Arsenal), Phil Neville (ManUre), Carragher (Liverpool) defence – Beckham (ManU), Scholes (Man U), Gerard (liverpool), Joe Cole (West Ham) midfield, Owen (Liverpool), Fowler (Leeds).

Who was the US grungey, guitar playing goinger bearded player you had when you hosted the World Cup? He was cool. Not too many US players over here anymore, Kasey Keller, Claudio Reyna plays in Scotland, but gone are the likes of Roy Wegerle.

Sorry to anyone who has no idea what I am talking about, but I see this as revenge at the constant Bears posts (you know who I mean Allison). Bears?? Who are ya?

Later on.