My experiences meeting celebrities are all very bittersweet. I met J. last night at the Wetlands in New York City after the show. Perhaps I did not know the correct protocol but I went up to him and said great show and shook his hand and made a few comments. His response was lukewarm then and the other times I said something quick throughout the next twenty minutes when I passed him. It then occurred to me that this may "just be J." as he is always described as being more reserved and slackerish. Regardless I feel lucky to have met two of my heroes from high school (Evan Dando was there as well) and was lucky to overhear a J Mascis/Evan Dando conversation. I just can’t help feeling that maybe I should not have had such a "I not worthy attitude" and more like the jaded record exec who doesn’t even listen to J. Mascis and is just there for the free beer and girls. [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]