I guess I’ll share my story with meeting J. too, now that you’ve inspired me.

I saw J. play a few months ago, but I actually met him about 2 years ago. My friend and I went to Spaceland in LA to see him do an acoustic show. The friend that I went with is an actor, pretty well known and I also work in the entertainment business. We have met and worked along side many celebrities and musicians and it’s just work…you know? You don’t think about it. Well, my friend and I saw J. disappear behind a curtain and we just looked at each other and went in for the kill. We were determined to talk to him and get our picture taken. My friend and I went up to J. and we were stumped. We acted like two star-struck idiots. We were completely tongue twisted and talking like total geeks. I felt like I was 16 again, because I had dug his music for so long and had seen him play a few times in Philly. J. was looking at us, like "what?" So my friend just starts talking and talking and talking about how we love his music, etc. and J. looks completely overwhelmed. I was perceptive to that, so I told him that I liked him in "Gas, Food, Lodging" and J. replied with "Oh, my acting debut?" and he smiled. He seemed a little less freaked out then. My friend and I felt a little calmer too, so I asked him for a picture and he was so sweet about it. I will post it when I have a chance. I went to see J. a few months ago at the Troubadour and I passed by him, and I just thought to myself, "i’m not going to humiliate myself again!"

On a completely different topic, I went to see Lou Barlow do an acoustic show a few months ago, and it was literally the worst thing ever. My roommate and I actually felt bad for the guy. We were waiting for him to bust out with "Peace Train" by Cat Stevens.