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Long Distance Drunk

Cool! I’ll play:
Album of the year: Guided by Voices–Isolation Drills (not their best disk, but I can’t come up with anything better!)
HM: PJ Harvey (I think that she would fall in with the time frame), Modest Mouse, Radiohead, Ben Folds, Radiohead

Approved: Outkast–Stankonia (only one I actually own)

Worst: LINKIN PARK (just for the simple fact they actully got nominated)

$1.99: U2 (well, I can hope…)

Guilty pleasure: I have no guilt! Maybe Weezer followed by Tenacious D

Top 5 shows HTW got to see this year (in no particular order:
1. J
2. Built to Spill
3. Guided by Voices
4. Bad Religion/Promise Ring
5. Weezer & the D

Honorable mention: Ben Folds, Steven Malkmus, Pilfers