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typical of people who get degrees earlier than others (although only a US degree – I think that is the equiv of our 11+ exams [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img])

smarmy, egotistical, attention seeking, desperately-trying-to-fit-in-with-everyone-whilst-being-as-fucking-annoying-as-possible-in-the-process.

The UK phrase for it would be "you’re a fucking winner, mate".

But you do say some funny things once in a while, and you obviously know some stuff about music. But why would anyone want to embarass themselves so much by claiming to know so much about politics and then disprove your own claims within the same post.

Just remember, for every thing that you think you know, someone, somewhere on these boards knows 10 times more about it.

Respect us, bitch.