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Hey I’m insane, cool to hear that Broder Daniel is about to release some new stuff. As for James and Gobbler – I’ve never even heard of them I’m afraid.

Moreover …

Sorry I fucked it all up II:
I mentioned in this thread that International Noise Conspiracy has recorded a version of Damned’s Smash It Up. Well, apparently I should not be trusted when posting with a fever (I’ve been sick with a hell sent flue for 3 days now) . INC do have a tune called Smash It Up on their album Survival Sickness. However, it’s their own tune and NOT a cover of that Damned classic, but for some insane reason I got the impression that it was. Up ’til today, the one and only time I had heard it I was like ‘hmm, this is an odd version of Damned’s Smash It Up, don’t sound much like the original at all … ‘. Well .. duh!, go figure it didn’t!

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